JeffersonElementary School

Virtual Learning

Welcome to Jefferson School's Virtual Learning Tools.  

Teachers are utilizing several on line platforms to continue learning for our students.   Below you will find each teacher, their email address and what they are using for virtual learning. 

Many teachers communicate using Class Dojo (an app for your phone).  If your child's teacher is using Dojo and you have not connected with your child's teacher please email them your cell phone number and they will invite you.  

Many teachers are setting up Google Classrooms.  To use Google Classroom, students need to use their Allentown Log-ins to find Google.  A student's Allentown Log-in is:

user name:
password: ID#(and capital letters of his/her initials)
                                                            example:  Juan Lopez would be 213425JL

Once you are logged into Google, find the 9 dots at the top right, click on them, choose classroom, the find the + sign at the top, click add a class.  Google will ask for a code (all codes are listed with the teachers below)

Click here for a quick video from YouTube for parents and Google. 

If you have any questions, please know our teachers are working to continue communication with our families.  Please reach out to them.  

Allentown also has many on-line resources we use.  Please see this video from Miss Borosky to help you on how student's can access that information.  

Allentown's on line resources

Mrs. Adams, Principal:
Mr. Mansfield, Assistant Principal:

Support Staff
Mrs. Siegrist, School Counselor: Google Classroom code: hpcm24z
Mrs. Garrigan, School Nurse:   Google Classroom code: jiirriqy
Mrs. McPhillips, Intervention Specialist:
Mrs. Servais, Reading Specialist:
Mrs. Jimenez, Parent Liaison:
Mrs. Shear, ESL:
Mrs. Zielinski, ESL:
                                            *You can find MrsShear and Mrs. Zielinski connected with the different classroom teachers*

Learning Support
Mrs. Billie:
Mrs. Boyer:
                                                 *You can find Mrs. Billie and Mrs. Boyer connected with the different classroom teachers*
Mrs. Derr:
Mrs. Hudak:
Ms. Perreca:
Mrs. Derr, Mrs. Hudak and Ms. Perreca are communicating in partnership with classroom teachers.
                                                                                                         AND Google Classroom code: mt3lclx

Miss Aber:                                           Google Classroom code: njlbwbs
Mrs. Crowell:                               Google Classroom code: c5wu73e
Mrs. Goldberg:                          Google Classroom code: vizfvir
Mrs. Kerbein:                               Google Classroom code:5q5elya

Mrs. Buda:                                           Google Classroom code: dhx7spa   and Class Dojo
Ms. Edge:                                            Using Class Dojo
Mrs. Fenstermaker:       Google Classroom code: 7cfl7bz  and Class Dojo
Mrs. Hoch:                                            Google Classroom code: ddwp7fk and Class Dojo
Mrs. Pope:                                            Google Classroom code: endsul5

1st Grade
Miss Salabsky:                            Google Classroom code: wyuiiv3 and Class Dojo
Mr. Snyder:                                       Using Think Central and email
Mrs. Taddeo:                                   Google Classroom code: 6fvnerb and Class Dojo
Mrs. Walthier:                             Google Classroom code: jndg7p2 and Class Dojo

2nd Grade
Miss Blest:                                      Google Classroom code: ynhoqnb and Class Dojo    
Mrs. Fritz:                                        Google Classroom code: ht2atv2 and Class Dojo
Mrs. Hessling:                       Google Classroom code: mp3xb62 and Class Dojo
Miss Miller:                                  Google Classroom code: y3gxoam and Class Dojo

3rd Grade
Mrs. Hassler:                                Google Classroom code: tbsdqby and Class Dojo
Mrs. Radocha:                            Google Classroom code: gcmlz4d and Class Dojo
Mrs. Summer:                              Google Classroom code: gbgaz67 and Class Dojo

4th Grade 
Miss Borosky:                           Google Classroom code: kaysara and Class Dojo
Mrs. Long:                                            Google Classroom code: xjsggxj and Class Dojo
Mrs. McNally:                            Google Classroom (students are on), Class Tag
Mrs. Page:                                        Google Classroom code: oywv5vl and Class Dojo

5th Grade

Miss Auriemma:                   
Miss Nakhlah:                         and Class Dojo
Ms. Place:                                         and Class Dojo
Mrs. Rankins:

Autistic and Emotional Support
Mr. Brakeman:                         Google Classroom code: duenzjd
Mrs. Giandomenico:    Using Email
Mrs. Rex:                                                  Using Class Dojo
Mrs. Washburn:                     Google Classroom code: eko4lyy